95th Campus - 5:30 & 7p
Bolingbrook Campus - 7p
Hobson Campus - 5 & 7p
Wheaton Campus - 6p

The death of Jesus Christ changes everything for us. The crucifixion is a profound reminder of God’s scandalous love for you. The crucifixion is the only way to find complete forgiveness and a chance at a brand new start. Don’t let Good Friday pass without a journey to the foot of the cross. Our Good Friday services promise to be deeply moving and transformational. See you there.

APRIL 15/16

95th Campus - Sun 8, 9:30, & 11a
Bolingbrook Campus - Sun 9 & 10:30a
Hobson Campus - Sat 5p; Sun 9:15, 11:15 & 1p
Wheaton Campus - Sun 8:30 & 10:15a

It has been said that everyone dies, but not everyone really lives. Easter is a celebration of vitality. By conquering death, Jesus came alive again and through a friendship with Him, we too can find newness of life this Easter. Don’t waste another day in a sleepy existence. Join us at one of our Easter services and “Come Alive!”

Invitation For Your Friends & Family

This year we have an easy way for you to invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to any of The Compass Church Easter services. Stop out in the Atrium or at Compass Central and pick up as many invites as you will hand out! We are praying for all those being invited this year!

Good Friday & Easter
CompassKids Schedule

95th Campus
April 14 5:30p CompassKids (Birth-5yr/K)*
7p Children attend service with family
April 16 8a Children attend service with family
9:30a CompassKids (Birth-5th Grade)
11a CompassKids (Birth-5th Grade)

Bolingbrook Campus
April 14 7p CompassKids (Birth-5yr/K)*
April 16 9a CompassKids (Birth-5th Grade)
10:30a CompassKids (Birth-5th Grade)

Hobson Campus
April 14 5p CompassKids (Birth-5yr/K)*
7p CompassKids (Birth-5yr/K)*
April 15 5p CompassKids (Birth-5th Grade)
April 16 9:15a CompassKids (Birth-5th Grade)
11:15a CompassKids (Birth-5th Grade)
1p CompassKids (Birth-5th Grade)

Wheaton Campus
April 14 6p CompassKids (Birth-4yr)*
April 16 8:30a CompassKids (Birth-5th Grade)
10:15a CompassKids (Birth-5th Grade)

*All other ages attend services with their family.

Road to Resurrection

We are bringing back our Easter experience for the whole family that will leave you talking about God's amazing love! Take a tour back in time as you follow Jesus' footsteps through the week leading up to his death and resurrection. Along the journey your children will meet Bible-time characters who will help them reflect on the story and collect items so they remember their adventure. We have exciting new features this year, so make sure you invite a friend or neighbor.

$15/family includes a Family Easter Craft

Online registration is strongly suggested since the cost and wait times for walk-ins will increase. For more information, email

Apr 7
Fri 5:30-8p
Hobson Campus
Register Here