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Reaching Our Neighbors Here

The world is not as it should be, and we invite you to come together with us to change it. There are thousands of people in our local communities who are experiencing significant life challenges: trauma, injustice, job loss, financial crisis, food shortage, homelessness, relational brokenness, etc. We believe God invites us to join Him in his restorative, transformational work to not only impact the lives of the people around us but to transform us more into His likeness. Join one of our dynamic serving teams - communities of life transformation - and we can demonstrate the love of Jesus to the marginalized, poor, or powerless in our community.

Communities of life transformation are marked by love, vulnerability, belonging, attunement, and courage. We nurture these communities by cultivating these values:

God’s love is core to His identity and our own. It is God’s calling card, and it is what God calls us to. It is kind, compassionate, merciful, and just. It is powerful. It pierces hearts, breaks down barriers, and lifts people out of the depths of despair. It shines bright in darkness and offers hope and courage in the face of adversity.

We’ve all experienced insecurity, shame, or feelings of weakness. Exploring and leaning into the broken areas of our own life leads to healing and greater empathy for others.

God designed us for deep relationships, to be fully known and fully loved. He himself exists in relationship - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - and places us in a beautiful, relational community - the church. Relational community recognizes, encourages, sharpens, and celebrates diversity of person, thought, skills, abilities, and giftings. It says we're in it together.

Tuning into God’s work in and around us requires a humble posture of listening and learning. While we desire to grow in our expertise at caring for the vulnerable, poor, and marginalized, who we are becoming in Christ is more important than what we are doing for him. We want to be a community guided by the Holy Spirit so that we are awakened to God’s purposes.

Following God can be risky and hard. It requires courage to challenge assumptions, act according to the Spirit, and courageously step out of our comfort zones.

Serving Opportunities

Getting Started with Community Impact

The safety of volunteers as well as the vulnerable people we serve in our community is a high priority.

Serving The Under Resourced & Vulnerable

Demonstrate the love of Jesus to those lacking key resources in our surrounding communities.

The Gathering

There’s nothing like being part of a supportive and courageous community when you’re feeling stuck.

Supporting Local Schools

It is a privilege to partner with our local schools in a variety of ways.

Serving The Homeless

There are close to 400 families facing homelessness in six neighboring school districts.


Adoption. Foster Care. Safe Families.
No matter where you are in the journey, Replanted is for you.


The Compass is privileged to host special events that demonstrate the love of Christ to our community.

Helping People Gain Financial Freedom

CAP financial programs are designed to bring life-changing freedom to people who want to get a better handle on their finances.

The PATH Group...A Job Search Support Ministry – Virtual Mtgs

A Christ-centered job search support group of The Compass Church and St. Thomas the Apostle Church assisting the unemployed, underemployed and mis-employed.

Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry shares the love of Christ with those impacted by incarceration.

Affirming Life

Affirming Life is a ministry that comes alongside women facing unexpected pregnancy and those experiencing ongoing guilt or grief from a past abortion.

Refugee Partners

Refugee Partners extend a hand of friendship and support to refugee and immigrant families as they transition to a new country and community.

Upcoming Naperville Campus Community Impact Events



Naperville Campus

Hesed House 3rd Wednesday Dinner Team

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Naperville Campus

CAP Money Course

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Naperville Campus

Hesed House 4th Tuesday Dinner Team

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Naperville Campus

CAP Financial Health Check-Up



Naperville Campus

CAP Money Course

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