There is simply no greater gift than helping someone find eternal life and reconciliation with God. Most Christians don’t feel up to that task, and yet a simple five-step strategy makes it possible for everyone!
Helping People Find and Follow God
Helping People Find and Follow God

Pearl Devotional

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Join us as we study this strategy in our Pearl Guidebook during our series “PEARL, Adventure Awaits” and begin the adventure of being used by God in extraordinary ways.

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How to Share the Gospel

Our Campus Pastors Share Various Strategies


Weekend Messages from our Senior Pastor, Jeff Griffin

Additional Website Resources

God Tools

This is a great application where you can be trained and inspired on how to share your faith with others.

Explore God

A website full of tools, videos and articles for your own good or to share with your Pearl.

Bless Every Home

Powerful tool to be reminded and inspired to pray, care and share Christ in your neighborhood.


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