serving our friends around the country

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Supporting God’s Work Around Our Country

We started CompassNational a year ago to give specific vision to our ministry work and partnerships in the United States. We want to be a help and a blessing to God’s work in the Church nationally. Through CompassNational, we are engaged significantly with our denomination, with other churches and with faith-based non-profits. We have 15 active specific ministry partnerships around the country.

With our Evangelical Free Church of America denomination, we partner for change with national leadership and regional leadership. Around the country, our denomination serves about 1,400 churches. In Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, our denomination serves about 200 of those churches. To learn more about our EFCA denomination, click HERE. To learn more about the Great Lakes District, click HERE.

With churches, we partner with 5 newer churches in Detroit, central Illinois and Utah and a Hispanic church in Chicagoland. We also actively coach pastors and work with new church start-ups. With non-profits, we work with a downtown Chicago rescue mission, a Christian camp, a crisis pregnancy center, a Chicago southside community center, and college ministries on various campuses in Illinois.

By God’s grace, our church is positioned to strengthen and be a blessing to other churches, pastors and ministries in Chicagoland, in the Midwest and around the country. We have more plans and partnerships in the works. We’re excited about the call God has given us to serve the broader Church!

September 2020

Video update from Rick Pierson, Pastor of CompassNational & CompassGlobal


Seeking To Serve

The Compass Church seeks to serve the Church around the country through CompassNational
in areas such as:
Denominational Engagement
Networking with Other Churches
Training Senior Pastors
Helping Ethnic Churches
Helping New Churches Start
Supporting Faith-Based Non-Profits
Supporting Collegiate Ministries
Domestic Disaster Relief Efforts



Want to Learn More?

Click HERE for a PDF of our annual Here, Near & Far Report about our Global, National and Community-Based Ministry Partnerships.

Here, Near & Far 2020

Here, Near & Far Report

Sharing the hope of the gospel here, near & far.
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