Special Needs

We are delighted to welcome you and your family to The Compass Church! All people are made in the image of God and therefore have tremendous value and dignity. Our Special Needs ministry is here to encourage and support people with special needs and their families so they can live out our church's mission of Helping People Find & Follow God.

Our top priorities are to…

  • Provide necessary support to all children and families with special needs in order for them to participate in our weekend and mid-week church events.
  • Include children with special needs in our children and teen events along with their peers.
  • Provide other youth and adults the opportunity to show Christ's love by serving alongside children that need support.
  • Show the love of Christ and present the message of salvation so that all can understand. 

If your child requires the assistance of a Special Buddy during one of our church events, please fill out our Special Needs Inclusion Form and send to specialneedsnaperville@thecompass.net prior to your first visit to The Compass Church. We will do everything we can to make your experience successful.

Download Special Needs Inclusion Form

For more information about our Special Needs Ministry, contact our Special Needs Ministry Coordinator at specialneedsnaperville@thecompass.net.

Weekend Inclusion in CompassKids
Our CompassKids classrooms offer engaging environments for children at The Compass Church. The schedule includes time to play and engage with peers, a Bible lesson, and small group interactions.

For children impacted by disabilities who are able to function well in the high energy environment of our CompassKids classroom, we offer the option of a Special Buddy at all of our weekend services. This one-on-one volunteer will help with redirecting, alternate curriculum, and assisting in breaks or interventions that will help your child succeed in our regular CompassKids classroom.

Weekend Special Needs Classrooms for All Ages
Our CompassKids classrooms can be overwhelming for some of our children with disabilities. If inclusion into our regular CompassKids classroom is not the best fit for your child, we do offer a self-contained, sensory friendly, classroom for children, teens and adults with disabilities.

Our classroom for kids ages 4-12 runs at our Sunday 9:15a service, and our Special Needs classroom for 13+ runs at our Sunday 11:15a service. Both classes include schedules for each student, a 2:1 ratio of kids to volunteers, and a modified curriculum. This sensory friendly environment is an option for those whose disability impacts them in a way that makes our regular classrooms feel overwhelming.

Midweek Awana Inclusion
The Naperville Campus offers a Wednesday Night Awana Club for children ages 3 through 6th grade. We also offer one-on-one Special Buddies to children with special needs who desire to participate in all or part of our Awana program. The schedule includes game time, a lesson, and a time to memorize Bible verses. All of these components can be modified to fit your child’s abilities, including modified verses.

We also equip an Awana Support Center that is able to give immediate help to children that are struggling with an activity or just need a quiet place to chill out. For more information, please contact specialneedsnaperville@thecompass.net.

Family Connection Group
For parents of children or adults with disabilities we offer our Family Connection Group. Family Connections meets the first Thursday of every month from 9:30-11:30a. If you’re in search of fellowship and support from other families experiencing life impacted by disabilities, this group is for you! Please reach out to familyconnectionnaperville@thecompass.net for more information.

Buddy Break Respite
Buddy Break is our respite program we run once monthly for children with disabilities and their siblings. One Friday per month, we offer the Buddy Break program at our Naperville Campus. Each child will be paired with a one-on-one Special Buddy for the event, and they will get to spend the evening moving through our different areas which include games, activities, music, movies and crafts. Check out the church calendar for each month’s scheduled Buddy Break. This program runs Friday evenings from 6-9p. For more information, please contact specialneedsnaperville@thecompass.net.

Join our team!
We are constantly looking for kind and compassionate people to show the love of God to our special friends. Our ministry is growing and you can be a part of the positive impact we are experiencing.

Sign up to volunteer HERE.