Join Us This Christmas

Do you know the Christmas story? Though the drama surrounding the birth of Jesus is world renown, you are probably unaware of a profound aspect of this epic event. The last book of the Bible will provide us with a “Christmas Revelation.” Celebrate Christmas Eve at The Compass Church and your discovery of the fuller story will make this season one you’ll never forget.


Christmas Service Times

Dec 23 at 6p*
Dec 24 at 4p*
*Spanish Interpretation Available

Dec 19 at 7p
Dec 23 at 7p
Dec 24 at 2, 4 & 6p

Dec 23 at 5p
Dec 24 at 3 & 4:30p

Dec 24 at 3 & 5p



While your child is welcome to join you for the service, we offer special programming for children which will make the meaning of Christmas relevant and applicable to their age. You can pre-register your child if they are a first time visitor in our secure check-in system to save time when you get here.


Christmas Invite

Invitations for your family and friends!

This year we have an easy way for you to invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to any of The Compass Church Christmas Services. Stop by the Atrium or at Compass Central and pick up as many invitations as you will hand out! You can add them to your Christmas cards, gifts, a plate of cookies - anything that works for you! We are praying for all those being invited this year!