Stories From The Field

Seeing Jesus Through the Veil

OneWay Ministries

The JESUS FILM continues to be a key part of OneWay Africa’s outreach strategy. During a showing of the Jesus Film in a Fulani Muslim community, OneWay Africa missionary Clement realized that the women were missing from their gathering. Hearing voices outside the tent, he stepped out to find the women sitting and listening to the film. They explained that they were not allowed to enter the tent with the men. Clement untied part of the tent so that the women could see through a gap, and when the “veil” was broken, he saw the joy on their faces as they finally got to watch.

OneWay Africa missionary Portia, who had joined Clement for this outreach, asked if it was okay to join the women, sitting beside them on their mats. The women were excited to see a female missionary.

“For the first time,” Clement says, “I saw about 40 Fulanis stay throughout the film and even waiting when we ended. We presented Jesus to them. We had an altar call, and some gave their lives to Christ! We blessed them with a BiblePlus audio Bible.”

OneWay Ministries is a partner of The Compass Church headquartered in Aurora, IL. The OneWay family of ministries includes missions and media organizations, all focused on advancing the gospel.

A Garden Sows Seeds For Eternal Fruit

New Generations

Two years ago, long-time missionaries Abe & Michelle (pseudonyms) rented a new house in their community, where Christ followers are not welcome. The couple moved in only to be rudely rejected by their neighbors who cried out after them, "infidels!" and "apostates!" Otherwise, Abe and Michelle were ignored in public by those in their community.

By God’s grace, their small rental came with a large yard attached to it. An avid gardener, Abe planted a large vegetable and herb garden to help stretch their limited budget. Just a few months later the garden overflowed the fence, and the neighbors became curious. How did these infidels grow such hearty vegetables?

One day several local women came to the gate. Michelle quickly answered, "Welcome, please come in!" The neighbor ladies wasted no time asking about the garden and how they had grown such amazing vegetables. Michelle was ready for them - to show them the love of God. "Please," she said, "here's some bags and scissors. Don't just talk - cut and take as much as you'd like!" The ladies were not shy: they literally raided the garden, helping themselves to heaps of fresh vegetables and herbs. Then, with bags brimming, they muttered a "thank you" and went on their way. But Michelle returned to the house and gave thanks to God for this first-ever visit by these previously hostile women.

Since then, the ladies befriended Michelle, and she and her husband are now received in the community. At Christmastime, the neighbor ladies asked about the story of Jesus’s birth. With that story, Abe and Michelle began regularly reading and discussing Bible stories with the very women who had called them infidels.

CompassGlobal partner New Generations spearheads Disciple Making Movements in North America, Southeast Asia, and across much of the African continent.

A Love For God Ignited

EFCA ReachGlobal Brussels

Jan (not his real name), a bright young man in his early 30s and a Professor at the Free University of Brussels, had been an atheist and a humanist for much of his life. His primary focus was striving for success and recognition as a scholar. However, his life took an unexpected turn when he encountered Isabella (name also changed).

This young woman shared with Jan about her faith in Christ. One day, Isabella gave Jan a Bible. Jan found himself so taken that he soon read it from cover to cover. As he began attending church services with Isabella, the authority of the Scriptures and the power of worship music took him by surprise. Memorizing entire Bible passages, Jan gradually opened himself up to the heart-changing work of God.

Jan and Isabella became engaged, received Christian marriage counseling, and were married in July.

ReachGlobal Brussels is one of several EFCA ReachGlobal teams CompassGlobal has the privilege to partner with. ReachGlobal Europe focuses primarily on metropolitan areas, sending teams to “make the light of Jesus known to people who have forgotten their heritage.”