The Quest

Get ready for an amazing adventure at The Quest! Your family will prepare their hearts for Easter by stepping back in time and following Jesus’ footsteps through the week leading up to his death and resurrection. Along the road you’ll encounter people who’ve met Jesus and share their incredible experience. Your family will experience realistic interactions and collect souvenirs along the way. This is an excellent way to help your family understand the true meaning of Easter while making a meaningful family memory.

This event will be designed for the entire family; not just kids. Some environments could be frightening for children under 3 years old. For this reason, we are providing free childcare for all children under 3. We are also providing tours from 4-5:30p designed just for families with young children or those with special needs. These tours will not feature actors, but a chance to walk through the environments with the lights on, hear the story from a friendly storyteller, and collect fun souvenirs. Starting at 5:45p all tours will feature live animals and realistic drama. This is a perfect opportunity to invite friends, family and neighbors!

Choose a tour time and arrive 10 minutes early to check in and get your travel bags. You will join other families to form a tour group of 15-20. Your knowledgable Travel Guide will walk you through the destinations below. At each stop, you will be engaged with live drama, learn about the last week of Jesus’ life, and collect souvenirs to help your remember your journey.

Destination 1 – The Streets of Jerusalem (Triumphant Entry)

Destination 2 – The Upper Room (Last Supper)

Destination 3 – The Garden (Prayer of Jesus)

Destination 4 – The Trial (Freeing of Barabbas)

Destination 5 – The Cross (Roman Soldier’s Regret)

Destination 6 – The Empty Tomb (Jesus is Alive)

The entire adventure will take 60-75 minutes and will conclude with your family receiving a Family Easter Craft to take home and do together. Registration is strongly suggested since we expect to tours to fill up fast. Walk-in registration is discouraged because of the increase in wait times and cost.

Cost: $15
Walk-In Cost: $25



April 9 | 4-8p


Hobson Campus