Own The Light Tour - Freedom Movement

You are invited to the Own the Light Tour, and to embrace the light that lives inside you so you can share it with the world around you.

You will hear real stories from real women – stories from our gut, from our heart, no games, and no lies.

And we’re going to get real. Like really real.

This event is for any woman, of any age, who wants to experience freedom - from anything at all. Whether you have been in church for 50 years, or have never set foot in church, we know the light you hold is ready to be ignited to shine! For women who are unsure about God, who He even is, or what He’s about, you are safe here - this event is for you. And for women who are close to God and close to freedom, but still long for God‘s light to shine in and through you in even more profound ways, this event is also for you!

But it’s not just for you… it’s also for anyone in your life who is searching - for hope, for light, for life… bring them!

We are no longer bound by darkness, and we cannot let the light we bear linger in the shadows. We are the ambassadors of hope, the dispellers of shame, the light in the darkness, and through the power of God within us, we are called to OWN THE LIGHT.

For more information, go to ownthelighttour.com. Light refreshments will be served.

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September 19 | 4p


Naperville Campus

Worship Center