Discover Discipleship

In our Discipleship Pathway, the last step is Apprentice Groups. Apprentice Groups are a group of people who are a part of The Compass Church, who live near each other, and who gather every single week to eat together, pray together, and practice the way of Jesus together. Wondering what that looks like?

Join Gerald Aloran, Pastor of Adult Ministries, on this 3-part journey:

  • Podcast – Why Discipleship Groups?
  • Discipleship Foundations – Many churches do small groups and communities differently. The goal in this first session is to understand our Discipleship Pathway.
  • Training – Members will be split into pre-assigned groups. We will look into the inner workings of Discipleship Groups and what it looks like to practice the way of Jesus together.

Lunch is provided. Space is limited, so register early!



February 5 & 12 | 12:30-2p


Naperville Campus

Room S101