ROUNDTABLE at St Thomas the Apostle Church

ROUNDTABLE is designed for job seekers to meet together in a smaller, more informal setting. This is an opportunity to share job-search experiences, gain new knowledge and skills, and receive personal coaching and mentoring from subject-matter professionals. Round Table meetings are one of the offerings of The PATH Group's job search support ministry and will alternate weekly between two locations. All who are in the job search or considering doing so are welcome. No reservations or registration required. No RSVPs. Come as you are! ROUNDTABLE is free of charge.

St Thomas the Apostle Church ROUNDTABLE Host: Walter E. Reilly
Walt is a retired Senior Officer & VP of Human Resources with many years of experience in executive and leadership positions. He also brings years of experience helping to create organizational excellence in the corporate world by recruiting, developing, and nurturing exceptional talent. He has served professionally, and in his retirement, as a coach and mentor to senior leaders, managers, and professionals at all levels.

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Biweekly Wednesday
June 7 & 21, July 5 | 11a-12:30p


Naperville Campus

St Thomas the Apostle Church, Naperville