Welcome to the beginning of an exciting adventure in discovering and using your spiritual gifts!

The following 76 statements have been designed to help you assess nineteen areas of spiritual giftedness which are identified in the Bible and consistently appear in each church body. The Bible tells us that each of us has been given one or more gifts by God to use in ministry. This inventory will help you discover yours!

As you read each statement, think briefly how it applies to you then record your response ranging from 0 to 5 indicating:

0 - NEVER!
5 - THAT'S ME TO A "T"!

Please be sure that your response is based on past experience and not on your hopes for future improvement or how you think Christians "ought to be".

NOTE: You MUST enter a response for every statement, even if it's "0". Missing answers WILL result in errors when calculating your gift mix.

When finished we would greatly appreciate it if you would submit your results to the church.

Statement 0 - Score - 5
I feel most comfortable with myself when I can be well-organized, efficient, and systematic about whatever I have to do.
I get excited by stories of pioneers or missionaries and can identify with their willingness to venture into new places.
I love to give hand made gifts to family and friends.
My favorite form of recreation involves participating in crafts, drama, music, painting, photography, and/or writing.
I can usually recognize phoniness and insincerity in people.
I like talking with people who have been hurt by life and helping them to see how Biblical truth offers healing.
I often look for opportunities to share my faith with strangers.
I love to take on challenging assignments in ministry because I know that God will work things out in His own way.
It really excites me to be able to give away money to help those in need.
I enjoy helping others accomplish their goals.
People have commented on how much "at home" they feel in my house.
I love spending hours or even days praying and fasting for others.
Give me a topic to research and summarize and I can be happy for a long time.
I have the ability to focus my attention and efforts on working to achieve a goal.
I find myself deeply touched by the appeals of those with extreme needs.
I have experienced a compulsion to confront others with the sinfulness of their behavior.
I have enjoyed relating to a group as their leader for an extended period of time.
When I have taught, people seemed to understand and remember what was presented.
I seek out Biblical principles and apply these truths in practical solutions to issues in my own life and in the lives of others.
I get enthused about coordinating people and resources to achieve goals.
I have seen an opportunity to begin a new business (or ministry) and have then gotten it started.
I have helped to design or create the set or make costumes or posters for a play, musical program, or other event.
People think that I am creative.
I am very much aware of certain issues in the world in which Satan has an active influence.
People have said that I am a good listener and they have shared personal things with me that they don't usually talk about.
I cultivate friendships with non-believers hoping I can eventually lead them to faith in Christ.
I don't tend to worry about material things because I believe that God will take care of all that I really need.
I keep my spending under control so that I may give generously to the Lord's work.
I prefer to work behind the scenes rather than in the spotlight.
I love to entertain groups in my home.
When I pray, God sometimes speaks to me and I recognize His voice.
I enjoy studying the Scriptures to learn how God has spoken on particular themes and issues.
I have been asked to head up a particular aspect of a job or ministry and have enjoyed working with those I led.
People in need feel comfortable appealing to me for help and I try hard to help them in any way that I can.
I have sensed an urgency to speak to another in a way not of my own wisdom or style and recognized that the words came from God.
It has excited me to watch the spiritual growth in a group of Christians I have led.
I love to plan interesting ways of communicating what I have learned.
I have been able to make practical applications of Biblical truth that have benefited several other people.
I have enjoyed the challenge of taking on a new or existing ministry or organization and making it work more efficiently and effectively.
I could be bored quickly by working in an environment in which there was no freedom to change existing procedures.
I like my job in one of the building trades and would enjoy sharing my skills in the Lord's work.
I often take time to think and enjoy my life in my imagination.
I have experienced a "spirit recognizing spirit" in a person I met for the first time, finding out later that they are a believer.
I feel patience with people who are working toward understanding difficult experiences in their lives.
I really love telling the story of how I came to accept salvation through Christ, in hope that others will recognize their own need.
When a situation seemed impossible, I turned my concern over to God and experienced a wonderful peace, even when things didn't suddenly change.
I have felt prompted by the Spirit to make an unusual or unexpected gift, and have done so.
It gives me satisfaction to be part of a team working to prepare for an event or ministry.
I enjoy helping newcomers get "connected" and feel at home within our church.
Others have told me that my prayers for them have been answered.
I have enjoyed analyzing data and making recommendations.
Others have said that they enjoy working under my direction on a project.
I would find it difficult to say no to a request for help, even from someone outside my normal circles.
God has used me to deliver a message which served to direct or redirect others.
God has given me strength and energy to minister to a group of His people.
I enjoy explaining God's truth to groups of people.
Faced with a complicated problem, I would go to Scripture to find a solution.
I like to take on a project and plan how to achieve goals.
People have indicated that I am sensitive to cultural differences between areas of the country or among different churches or individuals and that I respond appropriately and sensitively.
I enjoy projects that involve building or making something.
When I see something that catches my imagination, I like to express it in some tangible way for others to enjoy.
I am good at judging where people are spiritually.
I have a real longing to help people who are troubled or distressed.
I have been used by God to lead others to faith in Christ.
I enjoy praying with friends on a regular basis.
It brings me joy to give money anonymously to help a believer's or ministry's financial needs.
My best ministry would involve taking care of details so that others could succeed in their work.
My home is often used to host visiting missionaries (or I would like to).
I look for opportunities to pray with others for their needs.
Studying about a new area of interest excites me and I enjoy finding practical applications for what I have learned.
I enjoy the challenge of motivating and organizing people to achieve what I have understood to be God's purposes.
I have provided consistent ministry to those who are terminally ill or in a nursing home.
I feel a need to speak out against sin when I see it.
I have not been timid when helping people understand portions of Scripture or praying with them.
Finding ways to explain the relevance of the Bible to people is an exciting challenge for me.
People look to me for leadership when asking ethical and moral questions.

Spiritual Gift Inventory Results

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