Sensory Room

Weekend Inclusion in CompassKids
Our CompassKids classrooms offer engaging environments for children at The Compass Church. The schedule includes time to play and engage with peers, a Bible lesson, and small group interactions. For children impacted by disabilities who are able to function well in the high energy environment of our CompassKids classroom, we will work to find a Buddy at any of our weekend services. This one-on-one volunteer will help with redirecting and assisting in breaks or interventions that will help your child succeed in our regular CompassKids classroom.

Sensory Room Option for CompassKids
CompassKids classrooms can be overwhelming for some of our children with disabilities. If inclusion into our regular CompassKids classroom is not the best fit for your child, we do offer a self-contained, sensory-friendly, classroom for children with disabilities during some of our weekend services. Adults with disabilities are welcome to enjoy the Adult Service in our Family Room. Our classroom for Kids Ages 4-12 currently runs at our Sunday 9:15a service only. This class includes schedules for each child, a 2:1 ratio of kids to volunteers, and a modified curriculum. This sensory-friendly environment is an option for those whose disability impacts them in a way that makes our regular classrooms feel overwhelming.

Midweek Awana Inclusion
Our Naperville Campus offers a Wednesday Night Awana Club for Children Ages 3-6th Grade. We work hard to find one-on-one Buddies for children impacted by disability who desire to participate in all or part of our Awana program. When buddies are not available, parents are invited to accompany their child. The schedule includes game time, a lesson, and a time to memorize Bible verses. All of these components can be modified to fit your child’s abilities, including modified verses.

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