Small Group Preferences Entry

Adult Ministry Small or Midsize Groups

South Naperville Campus

We are so happy to help you experience community through one of our Adult Ministry Small or Midsize Groups at The Compass Church! Please complete the information below so we can get to know you better and connect you with a just right group for this life season. We will do our best to connect you with a group; however, there are seasons that our groups are at max capacity in size.

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What type of group are you looking for in this season of life? Check all that interest you.

List Names & Ages of your children, if applicable

What days of the week and time frame work best in your schedule? Please let us know what works best such as Sunday evening, Tuesday daytime, or you can indicate that you are flexible in meeting days and times. We will do our best to find the type of group that you indicated above that fits your schedule.

I am interested in talking with the Adult Ministry Pastor about serving as a Small Group Leader or Apprentice Leader for a future Small Group.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us as we prayerfully find a group placement for you?