Helping People Gain Financial Freedom

CAP Money Course

CAP Money Course

The CAP Money Course is a free 3-session money management course that teaches people budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system. The CAP Money Course is simple, flexible, and effective. Each of the 3 sessions will be led by a CAP Money Coach and includes:

  • Building a budget: You’ll take a good look at where your finances are right now and use this information to build your own balanced, sustainable budget. Our free, online tool makes the process simple and gives you clarity around your budget immediately.
  • Implementing the CAP Money system: This system will simplify your spending and help make your budget work day-to-day. It operates using three accounts for your money: a regular payments account, a cash account, and a savings account.
  • Learning to live on cash: By putting away the credit cards and spending only the cash you have budgeted for week-to-week, you’ll see how you really can get your finances under control.

This class and indefinite access to the videos and CAP Money budgeting tool is free. Registration is required.

CAP Money Coach: If you're interested in learning more about working one-on-one with people who attend our CAP Money Course, please email


CAP Debt Center

There are a significant number of people in our surrounding communities who are living in crisis debt. In partnership with Christians Against Poverty, our Naperville Campus has established a Debt Center, covering Chicago's Western Suburbs. Join our Debt Center Ministry Leader as a befriender as we meet with, walk alongside, present solid financial solutions, and offer hope. Email, for more info.

CAP Debt Center Befriender: If you're interested in accompanying our Debt Center Leader to go on home visits and build relationships with the clients we serve, please email us at